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What can I Salary Package?

Simplygreen Salary Package specialises in providing a fully integrated salary packaging program.

Simplygreen can tailor a salary package program to meet the individual needs of each organization.

The number of items that can be salary packaged will ultimately depend on the tax status of the organisation. The following items are generally available to ALL employees irrespective of the tax status of their Employer:

  • Motor Vehicles (via a Novated Lease)
  • Motor Vehicles (via an Associate Lease)
  • iPads (and similar tablet devices)
  • In-house Benefits
  • Airport Lounge Membership
  • Mobile Phones & plans
  • Briefcases
  • Investment Loans
  • Additional Superannuation Contributions
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Professional Subscriptions & Memberships
  • Financial Advice Fees
  • Work Related Software
  • Work Related Self Education
  • Laptops and personal organizers

Some organisations are eligible for an FBT rebate or exemption. In such instances, Employees may be eligible to salary package additional items such as:

  • Private Health Insurance Premiums
  • General Living Expenses
  • Mortgage Repayments
  • Rental Repayments
  • Meal Entertainment
  • Personal Loan Repayments
  • School Fees

For further information, please call 1300 664 323.

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