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Salary Packaging Program

Salary Packaging provides a great opportunity for TransitCare employees to reduce the amount of tax they pay and increase their disposable income. Participation is completely voluntary and can provide TransitCare employees with significant financial and lifestyle advantages.

Salary Packaging Guidelines

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Salary Packaging Handbook Click Here to Download

Downloadable Forms

Form Name Action
Salary Packaging Application Form Click Here to Download
Novated Lease Finance Application Form Click Here to Download
Novated Lease Privacy Consent Form Click Here to Download
Exempt Electronic Device Declaration Click Here to Download
Meal Entertainment & Accommodation Card Application Click Here to Download
Expense Claim Form Click Here to Download
Package Cessation (Novated Lease) Notification Click Here to Download
FBT Driver Declaration Click Here to Download

Please refer to Employee Handbook for complete program details including any applicable fees and charges.

Can’t find a form you’re looking for? Email our Customer Support Team at support@simplygreen.com.au

What Can Employees Salary Package?

Here’s a list of items that TransitCare employees may now salary package:

– General living Expenses such as mortgage repayments, rent, personal loans
– Meal Entertainment (View Policy & Procedure Statement)
– Leisure Accommodation & Venue Hire (View Policy & Procedure Statement)
– Motor Vehicles and Running Costs
– Portable Electronic Devices – Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones
– Briefcases
– Computer Software
– Self-Education Expenses
– Superannuation
– Professional Association Fees
– Investment Loan Interest Charges
– Work-related Expenses
– Airport Lounge Memberships
– Financial Advice Fees

How does Vehicle Salary Packaging Work?

TransitCare employees across Australia can now salary package one (or more) motor vehicles through Simplygreen Salary Packaging.

Salary packaging is a great way to acquire a new (or pre-loved) vehicle and pay for the finance and running costs using your pre-tax salary. Doing this can potentially save you thousands of dollars each year!

“Salary packaging” or “salary sacrificing” involves an arrangement between you and TransitCare whereby you agree to forego (sacrifice) part of your future entitlements to salary, in return for a fully maintained motor vehicle (“Novated Lease”).

How much can you save?

Savings will vary depending on a number of factors such as the type of vehicle, number of kms you travel and your annual salary. Broadly speaking, you will enjoy savings in the following areas:

Savings Description
Fleet Discounts off the Purchase Price TransitCare employees will be eligible for manufacturer & dealer fleet discounts whenever they salary package a car through Simplygreen Salary Packaging. On average, Simplygreen Salary Packaging is able to achieve a 15% discount off the recommended retail price on most makes and models nationwide.
GST savings By salary packaging a car through Simplygreen Salary Packaging, TransitCare employees will receive a further 10% discount off the purchase price of a vehicle due to a 10% GST credit.
Fleet rates on repairs & maintenance TransitCare employees will have access to negotiated fleet rates and discounts on service and repairs through some of Australia’s leading brands – O’Brien, UltraTune, Beaurepaires and more
Income Tax Savings Salary packaging allows you to pay for your vehicle finance and ongoing running costs using pre-tax salary. The benefit of this is that you can reduce your taxable income quite significantly each year. The lower your ‘taxable’ income, the less income tax you pay!
No Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) Simplygreen Salary Packaging is able to structure your package in a way that eliminates any FBT. As a result, you still enjoy all the benefits of salary packaging, without incurring any FBT.

The following chart demonstrates the potential savings of a novated leases – whether you earn $50,000 or $150,000 per annum!

For demonstration purposes, these calculations have been based on the following vehicle and lease parameters:

Lease term: 3 years
Residual Percentage: 45%
Purchase Price (on road): $37,000.00
Vehicle Type: 2012 Jeep Cherokee 3.7L 4dr Wagon
Annual kms: 15,000
Interest rate: 8%
Vehicle Use: Private/Personal

What’s included in a Simplygreen Novated Lease?

Enjoy peace of mind that all aspects of your novated lease arrangement will be handled in a professional and friendly manner by the Simplygreen Salary Packaging team – taking away the stress that can be involved in purchasing a new car.

Program Benefits:

• Access to significant fleet discounts on new vehicles across Australia
• Finance applications approved within 24 hours
• Multi-branded fuel card which can be used at most service stations across Australia
• No restriction of service/maintenance locations across Australia
• Access to discounts on Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance
• Neutralise your carbon emissions through our accredited carbon offset program
• 24-hour roadside assistance
• Peace of mind Involuntary Unemployment Insurance
• Regular reporting and account management and much more…

Calculate your savings

Try our online Novated Lease Calculator to find out how much you can save

Speak with a Salary Packaging Consultant

Call us on 1300-664-323 to speak with one of our experienced Salary Packaging Consultants. Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to support@simplygreen.com.au