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Novated Lease Calculator

    Total Y Cost: X

    Included in the Y Cost of X:

    Scheduled Servicing Budget

    Get your car serviced at your choice of service centre or use your Motorpass card at an authorised services centre to obtain fleet discounts.

    Fuel Budget

    Use your Motorpass card to fill up at nearly 6,000 locations across Australia. Motorpass is one of Australia’s most widely accepted fuel cards, giving you the confidence of knowing that anywhere you are, you won’t be far away from somewhere to refuel.

    Replacement Tyres Budget

    Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your first set of replacement tyres in included in your package. Use your Motorpass card at Australia’s leading tyre stores to gain fleet discounts.

    Finance Lease Payments

    We manage your lease so you never have to worry about missing a payment.

    Registration Renewal Budget

    Avoid the dreaded yearly registration and CTP renewal costs. Your novated lease budgets for these costs so you simply scan the renewal and email to Simplygreen for payment every year.

    Comprehensive Motor Insurance Budget

    Stay covered at all times through Simplygreen’s car insurance programme or nominate your own provider and we’ll budget for that instead.

    You could save up to X per year!

    Without a Simplygreen package
    With a Simplygreen package
    Annually Annually x
    Gross Income x x x
    Pre-tax Salary Sacrifice $0 x x
    Taxable income x x x
    Tax payable x x x
    Post-tax Employee Contribution $0 x x
    Out-of-pocket vehicle expenses x $0 $0
    Net salary after costs x x x
    Simplygreen novated lease savings x x

    This calculation has been prepared without consideration of the particular investment objectives, financial situations and needs of individual employees. In all cases, employees should conduct their own investigation and analysis of the information contained in this publication. No employee should act on the basis of any matter contained in this publication without taking appropriate legal, financial and other professional advice based on each employee’s own particular circumstances. Employees who wish to take advantage of salary packaging are strongly advised to seek their own financial advice before making any decision. Simplygreen Australia Pty. Ltd. expressly disclaim all liability for any loss or damage, however caused, which may arise from any person acting or relying on any statements contained in this publication or for any advice given by any salary packaging consultant. This disclaimer does not limit or alter those statutory rights that cannot be excluded.


    Lease term xChange
    Car Cost x
    Residual Value x
    Annual Gross Salary x
    Annual Saving x
    Annual Net Salary x

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