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Meal Entertainment

beyond cardsCut your restaurant bill in half with a Simplygreen Meal Entertainment Card!

If you work for an organisation that is exempt from Fringe benefits tax (such as a hospital, aged care facility or public benevolent institution) you may be eligible for a Simplygreen Meal Entertainment Card.

What is the Simplygreen Meal Entertainment Card?

The Simplygreen Meal Entertainment Card lets you set aside a portion of your pre-tax salary for meal entertainment (eg. dining out).

When and where can I use the Simplygreen Meal Entertainment Card?

You can use your Simplygreen Meal Entertainment Card for expenses that qualify as ‘meal entertainment’:
• entertainment by way of food and drink; or
• accommodation/travel for the purpose of facilitating entertainment by way of food or drink

Here are some examples of expenses that are likely to qualify as meal entertainment:
• Breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends, colleagues or family at a restaurant or cafe
• Drinks and snacks at bar or nightclub
• Food and drinks whilst on holidays at a resort or hotel

How does it work?

Each pay day, Simplygreen Salary Packaging will transfer your nominated amount onto your Meal Entertainment Card. You can then spend this money on food and drinks at any restaurant, café, hotel, or provided by a caterer (such as wedding receptions/parties) anywhere in the world.

Is Meal Entertainment included in my annual salary packaging limit?

The good news is that meal entertainment expenses are not included in your annual salary packaging limit. So, if you currently salary package up to $15,900 per annum, meal entertainment can be packaged over and above this limit.

How do I apply?

Chat with one of our online consultants now or leave a message for us to contact you. Otherwise, you can call us on 1300 664 323.

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