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Since 2007, Simplygreen has recognised the importance of creating a better world for future generations. Our mission to “create happy, healthy and sustainable workplaces across Australia” reflects this commitment and is something we truly believe in.

Through our commitment to Sustainability, alongside our Clients and their employees we aim to make a positive contribution towards environmental awareness, financial wellbeing and other important causes.

We’re actually really passionate about making it easy for people to donate towards the important work of charitable organisations so we created a brand new, easy to use and impactful program called simplyHeart.

What is simplyHeart?

simplyHeart offers employees the opportunity to donate to charity directly from their pre-tax pay. Donating in this way gives employees an instant tax benefit because they’re taxed on their net salary, which has already had the donation deducted. There is also no need to collect charity receipts throughout the year.

The program works by employees beginning a Salary Packaging arrangement, with regular donations deducted from their pre-tax pay, each pay cycle. This way employees will be part of our existing and highly regarded salary packaging program, which is managed by industry experts.

Would you like to start donating towards charity? Ask your Payroll department or HR representative to contact us and we can provide more details on simplyHeart.

It’s a collective effort

simplyHeart not only provides an opportunity for employees to donate, but also their employer, so together they can donate towards charities that are aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and have a bigger impact on the most pressing global challenges.

With simplyHeart, employees donate through their pre-tax pay, while their employer has an opportunity to match their donation, which could be 50% or 100% of donations or capped at a certain amount, each year.

What are the benefits for all involved?

Donating through your workplace is one of the best ways for business and working Australians to support charity – it’s convenient, low-cost and a smart business choice.

  • It’s a win-win-win for business, employees and charities due to vast efficiencies and significant giving power.
  • Employers demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, which could lead to greater employee engagement, retention, productivity, reputation and social and environment impact.
  • Employees donate in an easy, smarter, tax-effective way and build a sense of pride in their employer (and themselves). Participants have one form to complete during set-up that outlines their donation amount and which charity to donate towards.
  • Charities receive regular donations from a large collective of generous donors, which hopefully leads to a greater impact on their beneficiaries.
  • Simplygreen manages deducting donations each pay cycle and liaison with the employees Payroll department as needed, along with managing charity partners and reporting commitments.
  • Simplygreen will support employers with launching simplyHeart, telling participants about their impact and engaging even more employees in the program.

    How much does it cost to participate?

    There is a small fee each month that will enable simplyHeart to seamlessly manage the program from set-up to ongoing communications and reporting with employers and employees about the impact of donations.

    Please use the online form or call and we can provide more details on fee options for simplyHeart.

    Charity partners

    Our charity partners are from a range of causes, aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals , that employees and employers can donate towards. We’re also happy to include charities your workplace is already supporting or charities that are local to where you operate.

    Charity partners that are currently part of simplyHeart fall under the following sectors:

  • Environment
  • Financial wellbeing and education
  • Animals and biodiversity
  • Education and youth at risk
  • Disability
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Homelessness
  • Indigenous people
  • International development
  • Contact Us

      To discuss how your organisation and its employees can donate to charity with simplyHeart, please contact us on 1300 664 323 or email [email protected]