Simplygreen Everyday Purchases Card

The Simplygreen Everyday Purchases Card allows you to use your pre-tax dollars on every day living expenses such as grocery shopping, utility bills, petrol costs and much more.

If you work for a Public Benevolent Institution, Health Promotion Charity or Public and Non-Profit Hospital you may be able to salary package up to $9,009 or $15,900 per year (depending on the type of organisation) completely tax free.

How does it work?

Nominate how much you’d like your Employer to regularly set aside from your pay
Receive the pre-tax funds directly onto your Everyday Purchases Card
Spend the money on your Everyday Purchases Card on whatever you like, wherever VISA is accepted

How much can you save?

The below table demonstrates the potential savings for employees packaging the full $15,900 annual cap amount:

Annual Salary Annual Savings
$30,000 $2,300
$40,000 $3,500
$50,000 $4,900
$60,000 $5,300
$70,000 $5,300
$80,000 $5,300
$90,000 $5,800
$100,000 $6,000

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You don’t work for a PBI or tax exempt charity? Click here to find out what you can salary package.